St Ann's CE Primary


St Ann's - a friendly, inclusive and welcoming school with high aspirations for every child.

If you are looking at our school for the first time I hope that this website will encourage you to come and meet our pupils and their teachers.

St Ann's is first and foremost a learning environment. We prepare young people for a happy, confident entry into the world. This means building their confidence and belief in themselves, helping them to make good friends and to develop a wide range of interests and skills, as well as inspiring them to achieve academic excellence.

St Ann's is a friendly, lively, happy, caring community in an exciting city. We pride ourselves on being both outward and forward-looking. Our pupils come from diverse backgrounds and we are proud to reflect the cosmopolitan mix of London. We are not just tolerant of difference; we value it, celebrate it and encourage each child to be different. This is rooted in our school aims and Christian ethos.

We are a small school although the School's extended community is strong.

We believe that children learn best when they are happy, secure, stimulated and challenged both academically and through extra-curricular pursuits. As well as the busy school day and educational visits inspiring learning, there are a range of clubs.

I look forward to meeting you.

Simon Knowles | Executive Headteacher