St Ann's CE Primary



 Tri-School Leadership Team - Holy Trinity, St Michael's & St Ann's

Tri School Leadership Team (ELT) Photocard

 Mr Simon Knowles

 Executive Headteacher

 Mr Mark Lancaster

 Head of School 

 Ms Jayne Reeve

 Executive Business Manager 

 Ms Alice Parker

 Leading Practitioner - Inclusion and SENco

 Extended Leadership Team

Leadership and Facilities Photocard

 Mr Mark Lancaster

 Head of School 

 Mrs Beth Rose

 Assistant Headteacher & Maths

 Ms Harriet Paul

 Leading Practitioner - English

 Mr Darren Lynch

 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

 Admin and Facilities Team

 Mr Elliott Bergin

 School Business Manager

 Ms Lydia Morson

 School Administrator and Communications Officer

 Site Technician

 Site Technician

 Teaching and Learning Team - Early Years and Key Stage 1

Teaching and Learning Team Photocard

 Ms Emily Potter

 Class Teacher (Reception)

 Ms Marsha Norville


 Mr Anthony Williams

 Class Teacher (Year 1)

 Ms Rebecca Harrison

 Class Teacher (Year 2)

 Teaching and Learning Team - Key Stage 2

 Ms Marianna Griffiths

 Class Teacher (Year 3)

 Ms Harriet Paul

 Class Teacher (Year 4) 

 Ms Camille Daley

 Class Teacher (Year 5)

 Ms Beth Rose

 Class Teacher (Year 6)

 Teaching Assistants and Wrap Around Care Staff  

Teaching Assistants, Wrap Around Care Staff & Specialist Teacher Photocard

 Ms Monique Maye

 Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around Care

 Ms Jo Hockley

 Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around Care

 Mr Arton Kiafuca

 Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around Care

 Teaching Assistant

 Ms Dealia Dos Santos

 Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teacher

 Ms Lindsay

 Steel Pan Teacher

 Ms Palmi Buschi

 Spanish Teacher

Kitchen Staff 

Kitchen Staff Photocard

 Joss Nicholas

 Chef De Partie

 Mediha Vezir

 Kitchen Assistant