St Ann's CE Primary

Our Church

Up until the early 1800s, formal education was a privilege enjoyed almost exclusively by the upper classes.  However, in the mid-1800s there was a drive for mass Christian education for those unable to afford a private one. St Ann’s School is one of thousands of church schools that still thrives today as a result of the church taking the initiative and seeking to improve the educational standards of the nation.

Located a stones throw from each other, St Ann’s Church and School have always maintained a very closerelationship, with an inextricable link between the communities of church and school.  Moreover, there is a shared ethos, atmosphere and set of values, which are firmly rooted in the Christian faith. 

A strong partnership exists with the aim of augmenting the spiritual life and development of the school as a whole.  This includes collaboration on the themes and content of school assemblies, as well as a monthly ‘praise assembly’ held at the church. 

Many children from St Ann’s School also participate in clubs and activities, which are run by St Ann’s Church during the course of the week.  The most notable of these is the Friday ‘After School Club’. Here the children enjoy a variety of fun activities, with a short, Bible-based discussion to finish.

The mutually supportive relationship between Church and School is valued by parents, teachers and pupils alike, as a means of enriching the life of the community and adding spiritual depth to the children’s education. 

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