St Ann's CE Primary


Modern foriegn langauge (Spanish)

From Year 3 we introduce the learning of a modern foreign language to our curriculum. We teach children how to speak, read and write in Spanish.

The curriculum is designed to increase children's knowledge of Spanish words and how to speak and respond in conversations. The children also increase their knowledge vocabulary in reading and writing.

Home Learning

The following links may be useful for Spanish Home Learning:

  2.  learn to cook in Spanish; may be better as an app
  3. - nice games - 30 day free trial

Colours, Pets, Objects & Hobbies

Y3 - Colours Powerpoint 2

Y3 - Colours Worksheet 2

Y4 - Pets Powerpoint 2

Y4 - Pets Worksheet  2

Y5 - Objects Powerpoint 2 

Y5 - Objects Worksheet 2

Y6 - Hobbies Worksheet  2



Y3 - Colours Powerpoint

Y3 - Colours Worksheet

Y4 - Pets Powerpoint

Y4 - Pets Worksheet 

Y5 - Objects Powerpoint 

Y5 - Objects Worksheet

Y6 - Hobbies Powerpoint

Y6 - Hobbies Worksheet 


        Y3 - Colours                             Y4 - Pets                           Y5 - Objects 

      Y6 - Hobbies