St Ann's CE Primary

Home Learning

Why? Home learning can help children develop the skills & attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning. Home learning supports the development of independent learning skills & provides parents with an opportunity to support their children's education. Our aim is for home learning to provide your child with an opportunity to: reinforce and consolidate skills and knowledge learnt at school; prepare for future lessons; develop independent study skills & habits and explore areas of interest.

What? Reception: A story book to read with parents and a reading book, an activity to complete or words to learn weekly. KS1 & KS2 (1) 5-10 spellings (2) reading comprehension or grammar/punctuation activities; (3) maths activities and some weeks (4) a research or creative task [NB Y6 may have additional homework]

When? Given out on a Friday and collected the following Wednesday.

Expectations? (a) completed in homework books (unless stated otherwise); (b) dated with the week date - see top of page; (c) questions do not need to be written out, but the answers must be numbered; (d) working out for maths should be shown; (e) sheets should NOT be stuck in.

Marking? (a) work will be looked at & acknowledged by the class teacher each week with a tick/stamp; (b) work will not be marked if it is bought in late.

Reading? Regular reading is vital. Children in KS1 should read regularly and look at books with parents/carers. As children become more fluent and throughout KS2 independent reading of at least 10 to 20 minutes per day is desirable. This may be done in as part of homework (a school reading or reference book) or in the other contexts (newspapers, comics, websites, leaflets, signs etc.).

Duration: It is anticipated that children in KS1 will spend between 20-30 minutes each week day evening engaged in home learning and KS2 between 30-60 minutes each week day evening.

If homework is regularly completed it can make a significant difference to your child’s progress.  Teachers are always happy to discuss your child’s homework with you.