St Ann's CE Primary

Vision, Values and Mission

'A Community that Aspires, Believes & Achieves'


The aim of St. Ann’s School is to provide a Christian context for learning that is caring, stable and academically challenging.  It is our wish that the whole school community develop a love of learning and an understanding of our Christian values.

We will strive to provide all involved with the necessary skills and opportunities, to take an active role in learning, in order to reach their full potential.

The school community will work together to show care and respect for each other and the environment.


  • We are committed to providing a secure and stable environment with shared expectations of the children’s conduct.  We feel that a settled and calm environment is essential if meaningful learning is to take place.
  • As a staff we are committed to developing policies corporately and implementing them in a consistent way.  Through sharing curriculum development, we aim to provide continuity and progression in the children’s learning.
  • We are aware that children have specific individual needs, and acquire knowledge in different ways and we aim to adapt our teaching style in an appropriate way to cater for the needs, i.e. whole class teaching/group teaching/individual teaching and support teaching.  We will encourage the children using a variety of techniques to become thoughtful learners.
  • We are aware of the requirements of the National Curriculum and would encourage our children to achieve the highest individual standards, through the use of differentiated learning strategies.  This will be achieved by targeted interventions.
  • As a staff we have a commitment to home/school links, and parental involvement in a variety of school activities.  We aim to develop and build on these existing links.
  • We aim to develop in each child a sense of self worth, and an awareness of his/her importance in the school and local community.
  • Through the Christian life of the school we aim to give the children an understanding of moral values, other faiths and cultures particularly in their relationships with others.