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School Menus

School dinners are cooked on site in our kitchen and are of a very high standard. School dinners are now FREE for all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. However we ask that all families that are eligible apply for free school meals as the school receives significant additional funding for each of these pupils that is then used to enhance provision. Menus are planned weekly, based on the freshest products available. For the latest menu, please contact the school office. Here are some examples:

Autumn 2019 (Week 4)

Autumn 2019 (Week 7)

Throughout the year we have special themed menu days.

Autumn Term 2019:

Spring Term 2020:

Summer Term 2020:

Please see the Haringey website for more information on Free School Meals and Clothing Grants.

For those who pay the current cost is £13 per week (£2.60 per day). We ask that this is paid in advance by sending cash or cheques (for the exact amount) to the school office in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class and amount written on the outside – termly or half termly payments can be also be made. We ask that any change in lunch arrangements (between packed lunch & school dinners) is made with at least a week’s notice. For further enquiries please contact the school office on 020 8800 2781 or via

On prior notification to the Head of School children may bring healthy packed lunches and eat them in the dining hall.  Permission must be obtained to change from school lunches to packed lunches and vice versa.  Parents should let the School Business Manager know prior to a school holiday that a change is to be made.

Parents are not allowed to bring in food, such as cartons of fried chicken, from a fast food outlet for their children’s packed lunch. There are also no facilities for heating packed lunch food. Packed lunches must be sent in with the children at 8.55am.


The school has a Breakfast Club which runs daily from 7.15am. Children are provided with a healthy breakfast of toast, cereal and fruit juice. They can attend every day, for an agreed number of days each week or for a 'one off' day if parents have an appointment or a family emergency. The charges are as follows:

  • From 7.15am: £3.50 per day
  • From 7.30am: £3 per day
  • From 7.45am: £2 per day

Please see Lydia for an application form or to discuss your requirements.