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Parent Feedback

Thanks to everyone who completed our 2017-18 annual questionnaire (75 returned); the results of which you can see below.
























There were 37 different comments about what parents like most about the school. Many pointed to the small size and community feel being a positive; also the care and attentiveness of staff. The following are just a few of the positive comments made:

  •  ‘It is small and the staff are friendly and show concern.’
  • ‘I like everything.'
  • 'Friendly approachable teachers.'
  • 'The new equipment in the playground is very nice.'
  • 'The new(ish) range of activities: steel pans, Brancaster, class names...'
  • 'Welcoming environment, great teaching.'
  • 'Parent teacher communication and child progress.'
  • 'I love the environment of St Ann's, the headteacher and teachers take time out to engage with the parents/carers. I love the fact that the children are disciplined. I also do appreciate the academic and spiritual support for our children.'
  • 'It has a clam, supportive, caring atmosphere and environment. Great displays...'


Sixteen comments were made in the section, ‘something you would change about the school’. Below are some representative examples with a brief explanation of how we aim to address the issues raised. We continue to encourage parents to speak to class teachers or school leaders about their concerns, so that we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible.




‘Communication; timely communication is key for working parents.'


We acknowledge that sometimes short notice is given for events & meetings; and how frustrating this can be. Often this is out of our control - due to late notice from outside agencies or providers. However, we will strive to ensure we always give maximum notice.

The calendar on the school website is regularly updated and contains many dates for the school year. The newsletter includes dates for the current term.

Each Monday a diary of the week is sent by email

Please ensure we have up to date email addresses and mobile numbers to receive our texts & emails

‘That the children be encouraged to speak properly so as to be understood by all parties they may be communicating with.’

Oracy and speaking & listening is one of our 2017/18 improvement priorities. We are focussed on ensuring pupils use standard English, speak in full sentences and develop their vocabulary. We welcome parents support with this.

‘School dinners’ (5 comments)

We are always looking to improve and develop the menu for school dinners

Senior leaders meet regularly with our contractors and most importantly a Caterlink representative meets with our Junior Leadership Team (pupils elected by their peers) every term to discuss the menu. Changes are then made in accordance with pupil feedback

We hold tasting days for parents during the school year, but are happy to organise one on request. Please speak to the school office.