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Parent Feedback

Thanks to everyone who completed our 2016-17 annual questionnaire; the results of which you can see below.


























There were 36 different comments about what parents like most about the school. Many pointed to the small size and community feel being a positive; also the care and attentiveness of staff. The following are just a few of the positive comments made:

  •  ‘The teachers are really helpful and care about the progress of the children.’
  • ‘Teachers willing to push my child to their full potential.’
  • ‘How they look after everybody.’
  • ‘I really like the management of the school….really good school, keep up the good work’
  • ‘The community feel that you get, everyone jumps in and supports each other.’
  • ‘Small, caring school.’
  • ‘Progress of my child’s education.’
  • ‘Teachers are always willing to make time to talk if there’s a problem.’
  • ‘Family feel to the school.’
  • ‘Broad based education – efforts to get more swimming, music, after school activities for children.’


Twelve comments were made in the section, ‘something you would change about the school’. Below are some representative examples with a brief explanation of how we aim to address the issues raised.




‘Info not only on paper, but texts sent to remind about up and coming events.’


§  We will renew our efforts to send electronic reminders. We have to ‘ration’ our use of texts as these have cost implications, but will use emails more often.

§  The fortnightly newsletter and any whole school communications are emailed to parents on our contacts list

§  Events and dates are also on the calendar on the school website

§  Please ensure we have up to date email addresses and mobile numbers to receive our texts & emails

‘More after school clubs, even if it is for a small fee.’

§  The office report that it has been a challenge to secure good quality, reasonably priced after school club provision. However, they continue to research new providers.

§  A new after school dance class will be starting soon.

§  Please let us know if you are aware of good quality providers we might approach.

§  We continue to be grateful to the members of our community who volunteer to lead after school provision.

§  There are clubs every night (Mon-Thurs), please contact the office for more info. (020 8800 2781)

‘Enough notice is not always given when events are happening, as short notice is not sufficient for working parents.’

§  We acknowledge that sometimes short notice is given for events & meetings; and how frustrating this can be. Often this is out of our control - due to late notice from outside agencies or providers. However, in the future, we will strive to ensure we always give maximum notice.

§  The calendar on the school website is regularly updated and contains many dates for the school year. The newsletter includes dates for the current term.


§  We share parents’ desire for an improved outdoor learning environment. Last year we asked a specialist company to draw up plans to develop all our outdoor spaces. The high cost of implementing these plans, means that we will need to complete them in stages. We are currently trying to secure funding to begin the works and will inform parents once have done so.

‘Would like a workshop on the school curriculum at the beginning of the school term and if I feel I need support in this area, advice would be given as to how and where to gain knowledge.’

§  We are always delighted to explore ways in which we can help parents to support the learning of their children.

§  A series of workshops has been planned for the coming half term, please click here for further information

§  At the beginning of the school year, class meetings are held to enable teachers to outline the curriculum for parents.

§  On the first Friday of each half term a curriculum letter is sent to all parents, outlining the curriculum for the coming half term

§  More detailed information can be found on the Learning pages of the school website

§  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you’d like any further information

‘School dinners’

§  We are always looking to improve and develop the menu for school dinners

§  Senior leaders meet regularly with our contractors and most importantly a Caterlink representative meets with our Junior Leadership Team (pupils elected by their peers) every term to discuss the menu. Changes are then made in accordance with pupil feedback

§  We hold tasting days for parents during the school year, but are happy to organise one on request. Please speak to the school office.