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Life at St Ann's CE Primary School Life at St Ann's CE Primary School Life at St Ann's CE Primary School Life at St Ann's CE Primary School Life at St Ann's CE Primary School Life at St Ann's CE Primary School


Dylan Class Chocolate Museum Visit (15 images)

Extreme Reading (6 images)

Tri-School Olympics 2017 (7 images)

Y1 Visit: Railway Fields (8 images)

Easter Holiday Homework 2017 (14 images)

International Evening 2016 (5 images)

Team GB Celebration (12 images)

Staff in Chestnuts Park (12 images)

Brancaster 2016 (13 images)

Lower KS2 Sports Day. (22 images)

A breezy morning for the Lower KS2 children, but fun was had by all!

Staff 5k Run (4 images)

Euro 2016 Six Aside Tournament (5 images)

The Queen's Birthday Street Party (24 images)

Cooking & Food Sharing Day (27 images)

Y4 Visit: British Museum (May 2016) (6 images)

Y4 Silent Movie Filming (4 images)

Y5 Shakespeare Performance (5 images)

Maths Dice Games Workshops (13 images)

February Half Term Holiday Project 2016 (7 images)

World Book Day 2016 (14 images)

Y5 Window Shopping (6 images)

Fire Engine & Police Van Visit (11 images)

October Half Term Holiday Homework Project (7 images)

Brancaster 2015 (2 images)

We hope you enjoy the pictures of Year 5 at Brancaster

International Evening (12 images)

Family Fun Day: Japanese Cooking Workshop (5 images)

Thanks to Michael Kan from Kata! Japanese restaurants for the fantastic demonstration.

Year 1 Railway Fields Trip (12 images)

No Pens Day (8.5.15) (9 images)

Year 5 at the National Portrait Gallery (5 images)

Year 5 spent a fascinating day at the National Portrait Gallery learning about the hidden meanings and messages behind portraits of the Tudors. Do you know which monarch was symbolised by the moon? If not, ask someone in Y5!

Y4 Visit: London City Airport (7 images)

100 Days of School Celebration (7 images)

In Year 1, we have counted the days of school since September. On Tuesday the 24th of February, we reached 100, and so we celebrated all that we have achieved in the past 100 days.

Music Sharing Concert (4 images)

Pupils from St Ann's, St Michael's and Holy Trinity joined together on Tuesday to share their learning in music. There were performances singing (Y2) and violin (Y5) performances from St Ann's; steels pans (Y6) and singing (Y4) from Holy Trinity and singing (Y4) and recorders (Y5) from Holy Trinity. We also sang some songs together - led by Ms Scrace, Head of School at Holy Trinity. You can find more images in the galleries section

Education Sunday (3 images)

St Ann's pupils were at Church to celebrate 'Education Sunday' this weekend. The choir sang and children from year 6 read work they had done in RE lessons. The congregation were also shown a presentation of photographs depicting a 'year at St Ann's'.

Year 3 visit to The Chocolate Museum (5 images)

As part of our IPC topic of chocolate, Year 3 visitied the Chocolate Museum in Brixton. We met with Alex and Isabelle who spoke to us about the history of chocolate, as well as letting us make our own chocolate truffles and lollypops.

Maths Games (9 images)

Year 4 and Year 6 have made maths games and enjoyed playing them together.

Christmas Fair (5 images)

Black History Quiz Night (13 images)

FoSAP organised a successful and very enjoyable quiz night.

The Great Taste Less Waste Show (13 images)

Year 1-6 watched The Great Taste Less Waste Show which taught the children about wasting less food and recycling.

Year 3 Dental Museum Workshop (13 images)

As part of our Science topic Andy from the British Dental Association spoke to our class about the history of dentistry, caring for our teeth and good oral hygiene.

Year 4 Cold Blooded Animals (44 images)

As part of year 4's I.P.C. topic on rainforests year 4 looked at a selection of cold blooded animals.